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CNBC Africa’s Investment Wisdom

CNBC Africa’s Investment Wisdom

Post on 22 November 2016

Peter Clucas has been in the investment industry for 50 years and continues to manage money for his clients today. He started his career at Fergusson Brothers in 1963 and later became a partner. Their business was bought by Investec in 1996 and he remained head of their fund management business.

Samantha Loring is joined by 2 strategists – Cobie Legrange, strategist at ClucasGray Investment Managers and Roland Rousseau, equity Strategist at ABSA Capital as they talk to Peter Clucas about 50 years in the industry.

Peter takes us through the industry paradigm shifts – moving from an open outcry system to an electronic system, and when big global foreign firms started picking up brokers and changing the brand and the culture. He looks back on his JSE accreditation exam and what the accreditation meant to the industry, and he shares some wisdom on dealing with clients over the years.

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